Some in-ground dog fence layouts require you to run the signal wire in a close loop. We recommend keeping 6 feet of spacing between the wires to prevent interference. Today, a customer asked us really how close can he go. We told him as close as 3 feet, but no closer than this!

This video explains the components that make up an In-Ground Fence System. Just click on the link to watch on our YouTube channel.

Watch it here:

One of our best selling products is an Invisible Fence® compatible collar, made for 700 Series Invisible Fence® systems, and more. Among the advantages over the standard Invisible Fence® collar are:

  • Significantly reduced cost – at least 50% cost savings.
  • Made in the USA vs. Made in China for the “official” brand.
  • DIY installation – no dealer markups.
  • Smaller size / lighter weight than the standard collar, plus …
  • … many more features!

We also offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, and Express 2-Day Shipping for no extra charge. They are great products, and very popular with our customers. To check them out, just click on the picture.

Picture of Invisible Fence Compatible Collar

Smaller, Lighter, Save 50%, Made in the USA, Guaranteed.

INVISIBLE FENCE® is a federally registered trademark of Invisible Fence, Inc.

Wireless Fences are great products, but up until now there have been two major drawbacks:

  1. The collar batteries need to be replaced a great deal
  2. The collars were too bulky for small dogs

PetSafe has released a great new product called the PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence. This fence has both a rechargeable collar, and is a Wireless Fence for Small Dogs!

The collar is adjustable from 6″ to 23″ and is suitable for dogs 5 lbs and up. When you add the rechargeable collar, increased range to a circular 210 ft, and small overall size it is a great addition to the range.

PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence in the Packaging

PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Dog Fence is suitable for small dogs, has an increased range and a rechargeable collar.

The Innotek Contain ‘N’ Train Systems are great products because they combine the features of an in-ground fence with the flexibility and control of a full 150 yard remote trainer.

So how does one remote control work with both dogs? Below is a picture of the Innotek Remote Control – this one is for an IUC-5100 Ultasmart Contain ‘N’ Train System.

Innotek Contain 'N' Train Remote Contol

Shown here is the remote control for the Innotek Ultrasmart Contain 'N' Train System

There are several buttons on the unit used to switch it on, adjust the stimulation, boost the stimulation, and to apply stimulation.

Innotek Contain N Train Remote Collar Change ButtonThis button is used to switch the remote between dogs.

The number on this display shows “1″ and after switching, it will display “2″. This requires an additional collar for a total of two (2) dogs.

Innotek Contain 'N' Train Extra Receiver Collar

The Innotek IUC-5225 Additional Receiver Collar available from the Retail Store.

Innotek Contain 'N' Train Systems

The Innotek Contain ‘N’ Train Systems are available from the Retail Store.

Sometimes, you’ve purchased the in-ground pet fence, and you realize that you don’t have enough wire. What to do? In this case, an extra wire and flag kit is invaluable. They are called “kits” because they have all the components you need in addition to the 500′ roll of wire.

These kits come with 500 ft of burial grade wire to extend your fence wire. Also included are 50 boundary flags that allow you to mark the boundary for dog training. The final piece are the wire splices that allow you to securely join together the additional wire with your existing wire.

Next question is … how much extra wire (how many kits) do I need? See the table below for a guide.

Coverage Feet of Wire # Kits Required*
¼ Acre 415 ft One (1) Wire Kit
⅓ Acre 480 ft One (1) Wire Kit
½ Acre 590 ft Two (2) Wire Kits
1 Acre 835 ft Two (2) Wire Kits
2 Acres 1180 ft Three (3) Wire Kits
5 Acres 1870 ft Four (4) Wire Kits
10 Acres 2800 ft Six (6) Wire Kits
25 Acres 2800 ft Nine (9) Wire Kits

*NOTE: Not all fences are capable of covering 25 acres. Some have a limit of 5, or 10 acres. Consult your owners manual to determine the coverage area of your particular fence model.

PetSafe PRFA-500 Extra Wire and Flag Kit

The PetSafe PRFA-500 Extra Wire and Flag Kit is available at the retail store. This kit is compatible with Innotek and PetSafe in-ground fence models. Clicking on the picture will take you to

The Perimeter Wire-Free Wi-Fi Fence is an outstanding product combining the latest technology with long range and great usability. It used to carry an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee, but now carries a regular manufacturer’s warranty. We still feel that this is the best in class Wireless Dog Fence and our return rate for these products is very low.

Perimeter Technologies PWF-100 Wire-free Wi-Fi Dog Fence

The Perimeter Technologies PWF-100 Wire-free Wi-Fi Dog Fence uses the latest Wi-Fi technology for maximum coverage, featuring two way communication with the base station.

The IUC-5225 is the collar for the Innotek IUC-5100 Ultrasmart Contain ‘N’ Train Pet Fencing System. The collar is compatible with both the remote trainer and the fence features of the IUC-5100.

The IUC-5225 Receiver Collar is Out of Stock until 6.28.2010. If you need a collar that is compatible with the fence, the IUC-4225 collar is in stock, and from the store comes with 2-Day Shipping. IUC-4225 collar will only work with the fence and will not respond to the remote control.

Pictured is the IUC-4225 Ultrasmart Collar

The IUC-4225 Receiver collar is compatible with both the IUC-4100 & IUC-5100 fences. (Note: this collar does not work with the IUC-5100 remote control.)


I have a 10 pound schnauzer and I am looking for a wireless fence ? What would you recommend and the price? PIF 300 and a PIF-275-19 collar ?


There are two models of Wireless Dog Fence on the market: 1) PetSafe PIF-300 Wireless Fence, and 2) Perimeter Technolgies PWF-100 Wi-Fi Fence. In short, the Perimeter is a more high-end, but more expensive unit, while the PetSafe is less expensive but has lighter collar.

The PIF-300 Wireless Dog Fence

The PIF-300 Wireless Dog Fence

Because the receiver collar is a little lighter, we recommend the PetSafe PIF-300 Permium Instant Wireless Fence. The price is currently $229.95* and this includes the Fence, Receiver Collar, and Batteries.

*Correct at time of writing but subject to change.


What dog weight is the IUC-5100 rated for? I have a 6 pound Chihauhua.


The Innotek IUC-5100 is a combined fence and 150 yard trainer called “Ultrasmart Contain ‘N’ Train”. The collar that is included with this unit is a model number IUC-5225 Receiver Collar.

The collar is appropriate for dogs 8 lbs and up, although 10 lbs is probably a better benchmark.  It may be worth considering the PetSafe Little Dog Pet Fencing System, which is designed for dogs below 20 lbs.